Slow Balboa dance workshop with Deirdre & Luciën of Slowfeet Studio, Rotterdam

8 hours of classes plus social dances on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon

This workshop is brought to you by Edinbop, one of Edinburgh’s premier Swing dance clubs and will be taught by Deirdre & Luciën of the dance school Slowfeet Studio in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, probably Europe’s only dance school specialising in slow Swing dancing.

The workshop costs 60 £ per person and will take place at Stockbridge House (a.k.a. Lifecare Edinburgh), in Stockbridge, and the South Leith Parish Church Halls, in Leith.

Registration will open on 15 September 2019 at 19:00 British time. You can register using Edinbop’s DanceCloud account

What is Slow Balboa?

Slow Balboa is danced to slower Swing and Sweet Jazz music and combines Lindy footwork with the Balboa partner connection, all infused with some Bluesy musicality. Slow Balboa is a fantastic dance in its own right and a great way to inspire also your Balboa, Blues and Lindy dancing.

For this weekend workshop, you do not need any experience of Slow Balboa (or Balboa), but should be familiar with other forms of lead-and follow partner dancing and be interested in trying the close-embrace partner connection. You’ll be absolutely fine joining the workshop if you have danced, for example, a little bit of Blues, Foxtrot, Lindy Hop, Laminu or Tango.



When I discovered Lindy Hop, many years ago in Berlin, I became a true addict. Soon, Lindy Hop wasn’t enough, so Balboa joined the Swing Book. Afterwards, I found that teaching Lindy Hop helped me learn more quickly and get a better understanding of the dance. In 2015, I learned about Slow Bal, watching a video with Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault.

Following an online course with Mickey and Kelly helped me get the basics, but there was hardly anyone to practise with… so what was next? I started teaching short basics courses and together with some enthusiasts we formed a practise group. The big change came in 2018 when gradually, Slow Bal was getting more popular. First in Vienna, and later in Oxford, I met Mickey. Taking classes and private lessons with him improved my dancing considerably. While I’m still learning from awesome international dancers, I’m ready to spread the love!


I was struck with how graceful and beautiful Slow Bal looked when in 2016 I saw a clip of Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault dancing it. I wanted to find time to learn more, but frustratingly, there was no Dutch scene and there weren’t any classes. Deirdre was teaching a few tasters in early 2016, but it was difficult to practice consistently.

After I took up learning Balboa and teaching Lindy Hop in 2017, we occasionally practised Slow Bal a bit but it wasn’t until the 2018 Oxford Slow Bal weekend and the private with Mickey that I knew for sure I wanted to keep improving my own dancing and spread the love for Slow Bal. It has a wonderful flow to it and adding it to your repertoire allows for social dancing on all tempos. I would be incredibly happy to contribute to this extension of the swing dance scene in the Netherlands, and look forward to meeting you on the dance floor!


Saturday daytime:
Stockbridge House / Lifecare, 2 Cheyne Street, Edinburgh EH4 1JB

Saturday evening and Sunday:
South Leith Parish Church Halls, 6 Henderson Street, Edinburgh EH6 6BS


Saturday, 30 November
at Stockbridge House
10:00-10:30 registration
10:30-12:30 class session 1
12:30-14:00 lunch break
14:00-16:00 class session 2

at South Leith Parish Church Halls
20:00-23:45 social dance with four DJs

Sunday, 01 December
at South Leith Parish Church Halls
10:30-12:30 class session 3
12:30-13:30 lunch break
13:30-15:30 class session 4
15:30-15:45 video recap
15:45-17:30 social dance with two DJs

Videos of Slow Balboa dancing

by Slowfeet Studio

by other international dance teachers

Image copyright

Image © Stephan Wuthe, from the cover of his Slow Balboa album – Remastered from original 78s shellac records, DJ Wuthe’s dance music downloads can be purchased online.